Guardian Raw Food

Benefits of Raw

Raw foods are minimally processed fresh foods with high-bio-availability and digestibility. Unlike changing your pets' dry food, where a slow introduction is needed to prevent digestive upset, raw diets can be introduced immediately and/or periodically.

The benefits of a raw diet can include:

  • - Clearner Teeth
  • - Stronger Digestive System
  • - Lower Stool Volume
  • - Allergy control or suppression
  • - Healthier urinary tract
  • - Fewer arthritic symptoms

You do not have to feed an exclusive raw diet to receive these benefits. Part-time, once a week or even mixed with dry foods, any amount of Raw in our pets diet has benefits.

Truly Canadian

Pet Planet Guardian Raw Food is produced right here in Canada, with Canadian sourced ingredients.

Choosing a raw food diet provides your pet a natural, healthy diet -- the way nature intended. Rotate between the three different formulas to provide variety and the benefits of a Rotation Diet.

all of our formulas are nutritionally complete and include Canadian sourced split peas and saskatoon berries for additional nutritional and antioxidant benefits.

We support local farmers. Our ingredients are sourced right here in Canada from local farms.

All Guardian Raw formulas include fresh muscle meat for essential amino acids, finely ground bone for the natural alance of minerals, and nutritious organ meats for the biological balance of vitamins.


Peas are a great source of additional nutrition. They have been proven to contain highly digestible protein, vitamins and minerals and beneficial levels of fiber. when compared to other carbohydrate sources, peas are far superior because of their high-digestibility and low glycemic - low sugar - properties.

Saskatoon Berries

A sustainable uniquely Canadian super fruit. Saskatoon berries are packed full of beneficial nutrition. Very high in antioxidants (particularly phenolics, flavonols and anthocyanins), fiber and Vitamin E. These berries also have benefits of reducing oxidative stress and possessing anti-inflammatory properties.

Fish Oil

The addition of healthy fish oil makes Guardian Raw a complete and balanced food. The essential fatty acids contained in fish oil help promote more than just healthy skin and coat. The EPA and DHA in fish oils help regulate the immune system, support a strong central nervous sytem & brain function and can also help reduce inflammation due to conditions like allergies and arthritis.

Thawing and Feeding

Raw foods should aways be thawed in the refrigerator. It takes approximately 12-18 hours to completely thaw a portion in the refrigerator. Raw foods should never be defrosted in the microwave; this cooks the bone content and renders it undigestible and potentially dangerous.

The utensils and dishes used for raw meals need to be washed after each meal.